Frank R Molver (30 June 2012)
"4 those who disbelieve who Obama is, what he will do."

I understand how some of you do not think Obama is who some of us warn you he is.
Not everyone can keep up with everything that is shared here.
Some is legitimate revelation.
Some is just Internet gossip.
But the devil is very clever about confusing people when he wants to block the truth.
There is one word that will describe what will happen
Obama will attack Christians
Below is a good letter from Mike giving you a clue as to what is in store shortly for America
It is from Obama's own writings
Consider some strange things that have happened
Prior to his election Shamans from Peru were praying for him.
Why would they do that?
If you understand the reality of the spiritual world it will be obvious.
I did a search on Google re this and only got Pro Obama and anti Christian literature.
Strange how the Internet is being scrubbed.
Then we have Obama prior to the election standing in front of Pergemon in Germany
Strange, standing in front of what the book of Revelations states is the throne of Satan.
Do you have an explanation for that?
This is an excellent work.
Scroll down and look at the photos
You don't even have to read it, just look at the photos please
I could share many other things
Please dont' ignore the above
We shall soon see, who this man really is
BTW, as I have shown above, your news if filtered, that is why this site and others exist.
When these sites are gone we have fallen into the trap.
Persecution is around the corner.