Donna Danna (30 June 2012)
"WATCHERS 4 -- Lynn Marzulli on Prophecy in the News"

Be sure to listen to the two daily updates on 6/27 & 6/28 about Lynn Marzulli's new DVD called Watchers 4 at  The 6/28 update is called Alien Implants in which Lynn talks about the 16 implants removed by Dr. Roger Leer from people abducted by aliens, and Lynn thinks that they are a protype of the mark of the beast and a DNA changer so that a person becomes Nephilim who can never be redeemed just like the sons of the fallen angels and women who can never be redeemed.  These people will end up in the lake of fire if they take the mark of the beast. 
The 6/27 update called the Watchers Collection also discusses other portions of the new Watchers 4 DVD.  According to Lynn, an atheist had a Near Death Experience while in France in a hospital room.  He ends up in what appears to a dark dungeon area where they do unspeakable things to him that he won't discuss except to say that what was done to him would make sadomasochistic acts look like a picnic.  The atheist later becomes a pastor.  Lynn does tell the name of the pastor in the update.
Lynn said on the Watchers 4 DVD he discusses a place called Rockwall, Texas where John Lindsey excavated and found an ancient megalithic site and found rocks that conduct an electrical current.  The rocks are composed of crystals, and there is only one other place on earth that the rock is found which in the king's chamber in the pyramid at Giza.    Both the Rockwall site and the pyramid at Giza both sit on the 33 degree parallel.