Clay Cantrell (30 June 2012)
"re Donna and All Those Numbers : >"

Hi Donna -

well - that's a mouthful! ... and a good primer for all kinds of Bible Numbers. looks like you're doing your homework. ; >

Thanks for your kind words.

you pose interesting queries. I'll have to read this closer, later.

quickly though ...

1) re 1017

I think 1017 is a mystery for sure. my gut tells me it may have been the day Jared died in 1422. 527 dec = 1017 oct. has to be related to Jared imho.

2) re 120 greek gematria for Jared

there seem to be two greek gematrias for Jared, 120 & 416

416 is the one I use, as it matches 1 Thess 4:16 (416). Jared = Decend. That verse is about the Descending of the Lord, etc. That seems right to me, not that the other is wrong, I just don't know how to read it.

3) re 113

this number seems prevalent. It shows up a lot. of course, since it's in 339 (day number for 12.05 non leap year), I couldn't help but work on it.

4) re Jared the father.

I agree, since Jard is Enoch's father, then if the "father" alone knows, then Jared "knows" - in a manner of speaking. Also, since the Jordan River is the "Descender", Yared same word, then to get to the Promised Land, you must cross Yared (Jared). same principle imho.

5) re 2013 & 2016

I know nothing about these two numbers. in fact, I know about very few numbers really.  I guess the Lord gave me certain ones to work on.

re) 162

162 is the oldest number I think I've worked on. 162 = Enoch born, day number for 6.11 non leap, Benjamin's greek gematria, stone 10, first mention of Silver has a hebrew gematria of 162, Silver associated with Benjamin (Joseph's silver cup) etc, if breastpiece aligned with Genesis 1:1 at the common number (395) then that puts 162 aligning with then center word in Gen 1:1 which is 401, the only prime number in the seven word verse ... maybe meaning Benjamin is Prime.

Benjamin is stone 10, 10th prime = 23, and 23 is the Bride, the most protected and the most sought after, imho. All things saved out of the Sea (or Drawn Out) are based on 23 (Moses hebrew gematria = 345 = 23 x 15), year of Flood = 1656 = 23 x 72, Luke, Paul & shipwreck companions in the Acts 27:37 account totaled 276 = 23 x 12, 153 fish John 21:11 is verse number 26910 = 2 x 3 x 3 x 5 x 13 x 23, etc.

Thanks again. My hope is that the purposes of God were accomplished.