Charles (19 June 2012)
"Two brides and clams and pearls"

I had a dream of two brides one black and one white! No grey the difference was Jesus had cleaned up the second bride! We say that all the time but in my dream I was shown how and why! The fact is any good works we do in this world are filthy rags. Our motives are never 100% pure! The difference is that we are like clams God calls us to open up to Him and plants a grain of sand in us! This grain of sand this mustard seed is our initial faith our born again moment! We are clean washed and have a grain of sand the Holy spirit Gods word in us. The clams that are not opening up are given more time but eventually are thrown in the waste pile if they love their lives and die never opening. It's worse because when you did your spirit foes not and you get a body that is either in two places. But back to rhe clam! The religions are the Pharisees way doing good deeds according to the traditions of their fathers. All other faiths but Jesus try to justify themselves good enough to get to paradise. Religion does good works in Gods name but here is the difference. A clam without the grain of sand cannot grow a pearl. Jesus is the pearl of great vale without which all else is worth nothing. We have to focus on growing that sand into a pearl. How by abiding in Jesus. By washing in his blood. By rending our heart opening to Himmand letting him grow the sand. Gods word is the polish and the more we do our good deeds out of love and trust in Him and for him even though there is a fleshy component to them they are made clean and pure through Jesus in Gods eyes and the black bride becomes white! The fact I'd many have the grain of sand but then never realize because of religion or worldly good deeds and cares that their job is to grow a pearl. We cannot open until God calls us.we cannot put a grain of sand in ourselves. We can only grow the pearl through Jesus blood filtering our clamshell and Gods word polishing and refining the same. Those that have grown their pearls and present them out of a render heart to God and do their deeds out of love and respect of God are the watchimg white bride. God showede alot of people are open to Him but stuck with a grain of sand not knowing they need to filter their lives through Jesus blood die on the cross daily and study to become a workman approved abide in Gods word watch and pray and walk in the newness of spirit not the oldness of the letter that does not save! God says let us reason together though your deeds are filthy rags I shall make them white as snow! Get it guys it's all God but we got to go through each step in the process not get hung up on step one! The thief on the cross automatically passed go he did the first step those wanting to be raptured are going to have to show at least the tiniest pearl! Rend your hearts realize any good work done for the worlds glory means nothing and the most feeble attempt to honor Jesus and Ahod is of great vale. Build a heavanly home while you can your earthly one will just be nothing one day!