Charles (19 June 2012)
"It really does not matter how you say it"

I mentioned after dinner dada day that how interesting it was from Rosh Hoshanna last year to fourth of July this year was 280 days the gestation period of a baby! And then I could have gone on about seventy five days to Rosh this year about the 1260 days and 1335 days and about my dreams the rapture is on a Thursday and it's all over except the fireworks but I did not get that far! I got on I heard about this date was interesting and that date I don't want to here it. Thing is I think fourth of July is pivitol. Hearing everyone talk about oh the fireworks and the picnics all I hear is peace and safety! Then I want to fly. You see watchimg helps me keep focused on heavenly things when my friends say oh when we retire we can hike the Appalachian trail and I think dude watch the news what's this retire fantasy? But it does no good any rational person not even versed in the bible who sees what is going on in Greece and even thinks they are going to see their nest egg or retirement is sucking blue kool aid! Watching the bible come true right before your eyes and the blood Of Christ cleans the blue kool aid out of your system. But that's the problem we always are trying to pop red pulls down people's throats to wake them up from blue kool
Aid and they spit them out at us! It does not matter if you flavor it with blue raspberry taste. Jesus is coming the rapture is coming God is real and Walking in the newness of life in the spirit not the vanity of our minds according to the course of this world keeps us on the path home. Gee I would like to hike the Appalachian trail I would love to be Christ's bride and be in heavan alot more! Your focus is where your heart and mind is all else is busy work! I would like to do alot in this world my desperate desire is to be out of it with Jesus and the father! As much as I am stuck here in the flesh my heart and mind are elsewhere! It does not matter how I say it! It matters it's true we are commanded to watch because it puts our hearts and minds where they should be.