Abigail (30 June 2012)
"Are we holding anything back?  Or is He Lord of everything?"

On the one hand, the thought of the rapture is both exciting and sobering.  At the other end of the scale are the evils of the world where we have to abide and these can be disheartening.  In between we keep having circumstances that try to discourage us.  Sometimes these things can make it difficult to keep the focus where it should be.  (The poem in post  for 28 June "I Know" is worth hanging up on the wall, to remind us)
Nothing should feature larger in our minds than Jesus Himself - and His personal Lordship over our everyday lives.  It is the only way to be really free. There is nothing more liberating than living daily in His presence - walking and talking with the best friend any one of us could ever have - no matter how many people we may know - or how many we may think we may be able to depend upon. 
People often like to create memories with their family members and friends, so they can look back on them, with pleasure.  What could possibly be more exciting (and enduring) than creating memories now with our Comforter and Friend, so that one day, when we pass from this earth, we can look back and say to Him:  "Remember that time when I didn't know what to do and you helped me .  .  .   Remember that time when I was alone and needed help and you were right there.  .  .  Remember that time I was in real trouble and didn't know what to do and you rescued me .  .  .  Remember that time when .  .  .  "  (So good to get into the habit and tell Him now!)
Then He will say, "Yes, and remember that time when .  .  .  you didn't realise it, but I was right there and I helped you then too.  You were never alone."
These are the memories that will be the most treasured.
In order to have the best chance to have the best possible memories, all we need to do is be willing to give up all that we are - and have - to Him, without reservation.  He will do the rest, bit by bit.  All that we want to hold on to are the very things that hold us back from the only real freedom that we can every have.  Every day we have till the rapture is another day to draw that much closer - and create more memories.
Below are a few short excerpts from Lord of the Valleys, by Florence Bulle, Logos International 1972.
From the chapter I walk through the Valley
"Finally it began to get through.  Life was no game to be played where the "pieces" that interlock to make up the whole could be separated and counted off.  "One for You, Lord .  .  .  one for me   .  .  .  one for you Lord .  .  .  one for me.
I was brought face to face with the fact that the claims of His Lordship were, without any reservation, to my whole life - to every second of every twenty-four hours of my time, and that they pertained to my every action, reaction, and attitude. [emphasis added]  His authority was absolute, my submission must be also  .  .  .
I held that since God had created me a free, moral, thinking individual, it was only reasonable to assume that I had certain "rights", at least the right to a voice and some self-assertion.  But my contorted mental gymnastics got me nowhere.  They only landed me in a broken heap.  Then, in His mercy God gave me a tremendous revelation of His love.  From that point, I knew, and would always know, that His unqualified claim to all of my life came out of the deepest expression of that love.
There are so many determining influences over which we cannot possibly have any control; we only kid ourselves if we think to be our own masters.  Recognizing this as true, however, only leaves us more insecure than ever unless we discover the One who holds all things in His hands, and learn that submission to Him is the only real security we can ever know."
In Christ