Suzi (7 June 2011)
"Maybe this is where I got the 'idea' that 2011 was 'it'?"

I've posted before that while I was heavily into my 'occult studies' I 'came up with' an idea that 'something big' was going to happen in 2011. I remember looking at information about eclipses, and also doing a 'biorhythm' chart and other 'research' that brought me to that year. Now that I've seen this video:

which references two TV shows that I know I watched, this very well could have been part of my 'research' or at least where the idea came from. I never missed 'In Search Of', and I always believed that 'aliens' were real, so I'm sure I would have watched the show that Rod Serling narrated. Wow. I was in High School, and an avid it's no wonder that I 'figured' this year.

As I noted earlier, I just wonder if the the view from earth, in Sept (around the 26th), will give us an effect of the sun being blocked out for 3 days? Might that not also be a way that a 1/3 of the stars are seemingly 'swiped away' from Draco? I really want to get one of those astronomy programs to look and see where Virgo lies, in conjunction with Draco and the possible location of 'elenin'. huh. And for the record, I've never believe the name 'Leonid Elenin' as being a real, modern day person as they claim...and the bit about the foreign money is just too odd!

So many secrets are going to become obvious...very soon!