Suzi (7 June 2011)
"Update re: Attny explosive claim on BHO"

I watched the nearly hour long video that was posted about the Attorney who's written a new book called "The Obama Error", and after it ended, the 'next up' video was a repeat, but with a note attached at the 17:09 point.

It states, apparently from Dr. Corsi, that the name change in Canada was a hoax.

Now, after listening to the stuff this author says, there was plenty of real evidence for BHO's ineligibility, so, I think this might be a case of 'don't throw the baby out with the bath water'!

I've never bought the idea of Stanley Anne Dunham giving birth in Hawaii then showing up for classes just a couple of weeks later in WA.! Back in '61, women were kept in the hospital for approx. 3 days with a normal/problem free birth. There is no way she'd have been traveling then. Also, another woman had said the baby was about 6 months old. So, of all the stuff he talks about in the video, there is enough info there to prove what we all know...and that is, BHO is a fraud and someone who is out to destroy America!