Suzi (7 June 2011)
"To Robin B re: star maps & such"

I haven't downloaded the program you listed, since my laptop is old and I don't know if it can even take it...but something you said perked up my ears.
In mentioning the appearance of Draco and being ready to 'swipe out a 1/3rd of the stars' and devour the child. Then you mention that the eclipse might not be of the moon, but rather Venus.
All that sort of jumbled in my mind, and I wondered, IF Elenin is indeed on it's way here, and if it does get between us and whatever is in the night sky...couldn't it possibly, seemingly 'block out' perhaps, a "1/3rd" of the stars? *shudder*

Scary stuff...a so very possible. The movie "The Bethlehem Star" talks about using an astronomy program so that you can 'see' the sky from different vantage points. For example, at the time of the death on the cross of Jesus, if 'we' look at the earth from the vantage point of the moon (the Mother/Mary), we see the earth in the dead center of the chest/heart of the Ram...huh...imagine that!?
I think so many of the 'signs' were made for a time such as this, when technology could catch up to even begin to see the magnificence of God!!