Suzi (7 June 2011)
"To Rene re: China and 'their' property"

If you have a home loan thru Bank of America, then China (and at least 16 other countries) own a piece of your house! I just got a notice that our loan was being transferred within B of A's company, but would be held by 'other' hands basically. Nothing has changed except if I write a check for my mortgage, I'd have to change the name a bit. I do online payments, so it's already 'fixed'. Scary, but if the 'holder' of this loan wanted to 'call it in', and I couldn't pay it off, 'they' could come take it. The idea of armed 'others' coming to my door is not that crazy.
In fact, it's such a common theme, that the latest 'reboot' out of Hollywood is getting a major face lift and may never even get shown. The movie "Red Dawn" has already been filmed...and yes, they have China as being the 'bad guys', and they make no bones about how they've 'bailed us out' and now are coming to 'take control of what they own'. Since the US is basically losing them money! The thing is, the studios do not want to 'tick off' the Chinese, so they told the producers/creators to 'change' the 'bad guy'! Now, they have them as North Korean...which does not make sense to the story line at all. Besides the fact that they are having to go back in 'post' to try to fix things like signs and other info (the posters that talked about fixing the problems and such), not to mention the insignias on the uniforms. Everyone who's been talking about this film has made mention of how insulting it is that they just figure no one is going to question the ethnicity of the actors!! *one photo of an actor had the subtitle, 'so, I'm Korean now?'*
If Hollywood is going to go to the trouble of making this movie (showing a real threat to us), then have TPTB step in and make them change it, for fear of (as they say), losing money in box office sales...tells me they were onto something!

this link shows the posters that would have been in the movie, that reference China coming in to 'fix' what we've broken!