Steve Mullin (26 June 2011)
"Space Shuttle Atlantis and Girl's Vision"

After reading the girl's vision, I wanted to check to see if the Atlantis would be in space during July as well as with the astronaut the little girl recognized.
It will be and the woman she recognized will be part of that crew! Not only that, but it will be the last mission for the Atlantis. In the article, they are hoping to take off in early July--the target date of July 8th at approximately 10:30 in the morning central time. I don't know if that is the most up to date information, but how could a little girl possibly know the specifics of both the shuttle and a crew member during its last flight? Combine that with Jim Bramlett's post about the possible significance of a major space event on 7/7 and things are getting very interesting.
Steve Mullin