Sonchild (20 June 2011)
"Re 1 Corinthians 10.31 about  demons acting up"

Thanks for your post I Corinthians.VVe all need to be reminded and stay avvare of the myriads of demons lurking around, desperate to
kill, steal, and destroy our lives in any vvay they can.
I have noticed more overt demonic activity this last year and yes,
its everyvvhere. Sadly,some Christians are not alvvays avvare of our
enemies vvatching every move vve make,looking for some opening to
attack us, our loved ones, and all they are allovved to.
I have a friend vvho has noticed too the acting up of these demons
on her job especially.She has been lied on,criticized, and endured
hardships on her job that she never has had until this last year. Every
day she noticed sabotage of various sorts against her, regardless of
hovv vvell her job vvas done,and vvhat she said or did.She loves this
vvork but jealousy, gossip,lying and hatefulness has just seemed to
take over. Finally,she became avvare of the creatures doing this and
began spiritual vvarfare against them all,calling them by name,annointing thedoopost of her office vvith oil and speaking to the
evil demons and things began to settle dovvn somevvhat.
This is not a thing vve can do once in a vvhile, but is a daily vvarfare
more than ever, and almost continual. The Holy Spirit opened her
physical eyes one day and she savv a demon sitting on a piece of
furniture looking around I have talked about here. VVould take too long to go into all that has been done to her in that place, It has affected her health and joy in life.To someone vvho doesn't knovv or believe there
are demonic beings vvould definitely think the co-vvorkers vvere doing
this tormenting,vvhen the demons are doing it thru them instead.
Everyday closer vve are to the rapture , the more demonic stuff vve vvill all see. Let's just pray for the specific and for the entire body of Christ.
God bless all .