Simon (25 June 2011)
"Re: Little Girl's Dream by Jim Bramlett"

Dear Doves,


The girl’s dream reminds me of the following that I communicated to Doves:


Simon (18 May 2004)
"Re: Stairway to Heaven"

Hi Doves,

            Thanks a lot Sam Orlando for posting the photo from Mrs. Agee’s site. Otherwise I would not have seen it. Below you will notice that I included a question that I sent on the 13/5/2004 but unfortunately the email did not reach John, so this morning I forwarded the same.

            This afternoon when I opened Sam’s article, I was shocked by the photo. Because during the night that I had the dream in connection with the number 1072 and its connection with Pres. Bush and Secretary Powell, in another scene, I saw a very similar image. In the dream the image was formed by an object like a moon was falling like what is normally observed during a dying star. Then suddenly in the sky, the falling object turned into an image like that of the photo in Sam’s article. The centre was very very bright. At one point it was as if there were two images next to each other. I have never seen something like that before. It was so strange that even the following day I could not understand whether something like that has been seen before. It was a mystery to say the least.

            Observation: After checking the source at Mrs. Agee’s site, I learnt that this was a photo taken by Hubble Space Telescope WFPC2. The article was posted on 11 May 2004 and the photo is cataloged as HD 44179. If my memory serves me well the strange object that is supposed to be visible (or closest to earth) around the 29/11/2004 has a reference 4179. Is it just another coincidence?

God bless you all as you watch and pray!!