Rowina (9 June 2011)
"To Edwina on crop circle interpretation"

Dear Sister Dove Edwina,

You write on June 8 Doves letters that a lady (maybe me?) said that
the crop circles were "beautiful" and from "good angels".

If this was from me, I did say the circles were beautiful (sometimes
more scary that beautiful, I must say, like the new serpent one posted),
but I didn't say they were from "good angels".  I said we do not know if
they come from bad or good angels or from hostile or loving force.

We just know that they are marvelous in their construction, and it's
marvelous to read how they may have been constructed (no one seems
to be sure).

I know as well as anyone that Old Nick is a deceiver!  And comes as
an angel of light.

But I am not sure that these circles are demonic.  They are giving us
information, and we do not yet know from whom this information comes.
This is part of their mystery and wonder.

Stick to the Bible, to Scripture, just consider the crop circles to see if
they may fall in line with the scriptures....or not.  

I am with Barry Amundsen, I hope they are from friends.