Rowina (9 June 2011)
"Eliane's "new wine" on Pentecost"

I am impressed with Elaine's presentation of the scripture which says that
on Pentecost Jesus' disciples were thought to be "drunk with new wine."
New wine does not appear earlier than the fourth month of the Creation
Calendar, that is, in July or August.

Once my husband and I drank "new wine" from the vineyards of upper
New York state, when our son was going to graduate school at Cornell
University.  Our son took us around to all the vineyards which were
offering wine tasting.  I become intoxicated easily, so I was resisting the
tasting, but I remember how wonderful "new wine" is.  It probably is the
best of all the wine, although opinions vary.  We brought home a couple of
bottles of new wine, and I will never forget their taste.  

I have never posted here, to my remembrance, about when I think the rapture
will be, other than "in this season".  I tend to believe with Pastor Jack
Kelley of Grace Thru Faith website that it will appear when the last of the
Church has "come in," which Jack agrees should be soon, for ALL of the
signs of the times are now in place.  Jack remarked on the site last night
that some people have erred on interpreting signs of the times because
ALL of them were not present, especially the re-emergence of the State of

Nevertheless I love to read of the various possibilities which Doves have
discerned from Scripture.  What a good way to refresh one's knowledge of
the Word!  I have come to have a better in depth understanding of the Feasts
of Israel because of the Doves' writings.

I agree with Chuck Missler and Eliane that if the rapture is on a Feast, Pentecost
is a likely time, because of its special meaning to the Church as well as to the
Jews.  But I believe it could happen any day.  

I pray it will happen on a very soon day, perhaps not a feast, perhaps just
a day when the Church becomes complete.  And I pray for everyone's loved
ones who are not yet in the Church to be filled with the Holy Spirit right now.