Rowina (7 June 2011)
"Blood red sun last night, to Jim Goodrick"

You spoke of the blood red moons coming.

Last night we had a blood red sun here in New Mexico.  This was because of the heavy
pall of smoke coming from the fires in neighboring Arizona.

At 4 PM the sky was fairly clear and the sun was blazing so bright that I could not
look in its direction through my 70% tinted windows.

At 5 PM it was entirely different, for the smoke had piled in.  The sun looked small,
and blood red.  I could look directly at it as long as I wanted to.  The rabbit who comes
to eat dinner in my yard was looking sadly in the direction of the sun.  The wind had
come up, so the smoke was coming in more and more.

By 9 o'clock I had all of my air filters going.  I hope the Lord keeps this fire from
burning our area too.  By evening it had burned 350 square miles of Arizona, the
largest burn in that state's history, according to the television news.  It is centered on
Alpine, Arizona.  Pray for the people of that area, who have evacuated.