Rowina (7 June 2011)
"Praying with Josh Brunken for Jews"

I always do pray for them, Josh.  Please pray for my stepdaughter
Karlene and her husband, children, and grandchild.  She was converted
to Judaism at 18 when she met her Jewish husband.  She had not been
raised Christian, as my husband was a Unitarian when she was little.

My husband, although half Jewish (father Jewish) was raised in a
Christian church and was a Methodist song leader while in college.
But he and his first wife (deceased) put their children in
Unitarian Sunday School.  Then his daughter met the Jewish boy while
in college and married as soon as she was converted to Judaism.

Karlene and her family are VERY antagonistic to Christian people,
whom they say hate Jews.  Her youngest daughter called my husband
and me Jew-hating Christians.  It's all ironic, of course, as we have
been Jew-loving Christians always.  They are not friendly to me at all.

Karlene's twin married a Messianic Jew and lives in Canada, but
she is not a bible reader and needs prayer too.

  I would appreciate if you would pray for  all of
my husband's children, including my son whom he adopted when he
was little.  Pray that Holy Spirit would invade their hearts.   My husband
would certainly appreciate this, as he was wholeheartedly returned to

I have a burden for Jews, along with you, Josh.