Rowina (2 June 2011)
"To Fay and all on the astonishing crop circles"

The crop circles are amazing from more than one perspective.

They are amazing simply as art.  Beautiful designs.  The one
you posted as "recent" is especially beautiful.  The possible
"meaning"--the bursting forth in stages of a comet increasing
its visibility--shows that interpreters can find significance in these
crop circles just as they would in poetry.

The first crop circle posting which you discussed, the one showing
the alignment of five planets plus "planet X" (whether comet or
planet) is thought by the interpreters to refer to either June 1 or
June 3, 2011.  But they said that if it is a comet rather than a planet
it would also be of significance on later dates in June.  

These may not be a signs of the Rapture, but could be signs that something
amazing is happening at this time.  Perhaps amazing war, amazing
fall of nations--something huge.  And perhaps an amazing realization
by people that God exists.  Perhaps a great waking up.

We do not know who makes these crop circles.  Bad or good angels?
Surely no human could do it, unless by a very large conspiracy carefully
concealed, a conspiracy among the farmers whose crops are "carved"
as well as the consummate artists who carve them.  

We should thank those who photograph these ephemeral works of art,
for they are quickly cut down when the farmers harvest the crops.
They are gone almost as quickly as the pirouette of a ballerina.
But photography captures them at least until we can see them.