Rowina (11 June 2011)
"To Edwina on the toxicity of the grass in crop circles--an interview with a farmer"

You have probably read a lot more about crop circles than I have, since you live in England.
I was in England twice, one as a "tourist" when young, once with my husband and son when we
accompanied Irv on a business trip for Boeing, and we all went out to see Stonehenge (near
the main circles).  We knew nothing about crop circles then, but when we got to the end of the train
line in Salisbury, we went to the great cathedral there, and found it ever so much more interesting
than Stonehenge.  I found Stonehenge oppressive and boring...oppressive because there was no
Holy Spirit uplift there.  But I started reading many books and novels based on Salisbury, such as
"Sarum", one of my ten top novels ever written, which I could not use in the literature class I taught
because it was too long--a thousand pages even in edited form.  I read all of the "mystery" novels
based on Salisbury a female writer, forget her name now!

Well, to get back to the crop circles: I have not read a lot about them, but because I have had
a recent interest due to the postings on Doves, I went to Crop Circle Reporter the other morning
and found an interview with David White, a farmer on whose land some of the circles have
appeared.  Mr. White warned that the area WAS toxic for idle investigators, for the crop is sprayed
with toxic material!  Herbicide, I presume.  Maybe even the KingDaddy of Herbicides, Roundup?
Mr. White was not happy about the incursions on his land, which destroyed part of his livelihood,
and warned that he would plough down the "circles" as soon as anyone came on his land again---with
the added warning that the interlopers stood a good chance of being poisoned.  Now doesn't that
just make you think about the food you eat?  (Buy organic if you can, grow organic).

Now you tell us that there is a poison discharged when people go into the circles, which makes them
lose good reasoning power.  That sounds like what happens to me when I get near Roundup!  If I
see someone spraying it in my neighborhood, I RUN!

You may be right that these circles are demonic.  I have not looked at pictures of many of them,
just some of those featured on Doves or others I found when I accessed the Doves' links.  I was
especially impressed with the knowledge set forth about the coming celestial object, predicted to
occur when the planets aligned as they have at this time.  Now it's quite possible, Edwina, that
this is FALSE knowledge.

I think that it's pretty well established that a celestial intruder has arrived and is causing electro-
magnetic upheavals, and will do worse before it leaves the inner solar system, possibly causing
an earthquake on September 26 when it aligns with the Earth and the Sun as it did during the
Japan great quake and the Chile great quake.  But the crop circle depicting this could still be
demonic even if it gives good information.  Sadly we know that good information is mixed with
bad information in all "disinformation".  It was one of Hitler's main ways of gaining acceptance,
this mixture of the good and the bad information.

It is one reason we pray for constant Holy Spirit infilling and guidance, as well as His comfort.

Stay out of the grass, Edwina!