Ron Reese (26 June 2011)
"Dr. Wills--"I got the same info from the Lord as Ron Reese about Oct. 29, 2008"

Below is the last half of the most exciting email that I have read in a long time.  In the past week, I have forwarded to you two excellent posts, by two other Bible Prophecy watchers, Gerry Almond, and Bill Griese, who is also a Bible Prophecy author.  Both are in total agreement that the Lord has given us the first day, Oct. 29, 2008, the mid-point date, Apr. 11, 2012, and Feast of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015, as the ending date of the Final 7 Years, the day when our Lord Jesus Returns to earth.  I also received this week, a very heartfelt apology letter from a very astute Bible Prophecy scholar.  He had previously sent me several letters, explaining to me how we could NOT possibly be in the Final 7 Years yet.  The Lord has now revealed to him the truth, and quoting from him, "I am now in your camp, Ron".
But the most exciting letter of all is the one that is included below, because I have just learned from this letter, that Dr. Richard Wills, a long-time retired Baptist minister, received the EXACT same information from the Lord that I did, back in late October of 2008.  The Lord showed us both that the future Antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama, had just fulfilled the long-awaited Bible Prophecy of Dan. 9:27.  He did this by confirming his covenant with the many (millions and millions of people), on Oct. 29, 2008, to radically CHANGE THE UNITED STATES AND TO CHANGE THE WORLD.  Obama did this EXACTLY 2520 days, or 7 Prophetic years (the one week of Dan. 9.27) from Feast of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015. 
Sept. 23, 2015, is the day that starts a new Sabbatical cycle.  Sept. 23, 2015, is the day that starts a new Jubilee cycle.  It is the day that Rev. Mark Biltz's eclipses, all on Jewish Holy Days, point towards.  This date is a Feast of Atonement, the Feast Day which Jesus Christ is supposed to Return on.  And most remarkably of all, it is EXACTLY one complete Jubilee cycle of 49 years (7 X 7) from that famous day of June 6--7, 1967, when Israel miraculously re-captured Jerusalem, in the 6-day war.  49 Prophetic years times 360 days per year equals 17,640 days.  Adding 17, 640 days to June 6--7, 1967, brings us EXACTLY to Feast of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015!!!!!!!  Adding Gerry Almond's latest discovery of Noah's 120 years fitting in EXACTLY with these three dates, and you have what I call amazing, overwhelming, conclusive, and irrefutable proof of the time frame of the Final 7 Years.  And, yes, there is even more proof, equally astounding as all of this.
Quoting from Dr. Wills, below, "This happened just prior to Ron Reese coming out with this in 2008.  I got the same info.  I almost fell out of my chair.....and got very fired up.  I was so encouraged to see that confirmation."  The Lord CONFIRMED it to me SEVEN times, in those days in 2008.  Now, this week, I have discovered that the Lord revealing this to me in October of 2008, was a CONFIRMATI0N to what the Lord was revealing to Dr. Wills, at the same time.  This is certainly extremely exciting to me, as it should be to all of us watchers. 
Please save your dissenting emails until AFTER you have read my next four posts, all of which should deal with most of your reservations about the identity of the Antichrist, concerning the personality, limitations, and character of the Antichrist, the new Temple in Jerusalem, the lineage of the Antichrist, and sexual orientation of the Antichrist.  It will save me a lot of time and trouble, if you will be patient enough to wait a few days to send your negative emails to me.  Thanks.
Thank you, Dr. Wills for finally revealing this extremely exciting news of the Lord's CONFIRMATION to you, concerning Oct. 29, 2008, the very first day of the Final 7 Years.  Please let the Lord begin to REVEAL TO EACH OF YOU READING THIS, THE TRUTH OF THE EXACT TIME FRAME OF THE FINAL 7 YEARS.
Ron Reese
For more exciting truths about this time frame of the Final 7 Years, go to my website at (Do it soon before the Rapture/Sudden Destruction takes place):  
Richard L. Wills (18 June 2011)
"Update from Dr. Richard Wills"

ATTN: Bill Griese, Ron Reese, Kevin Heckle, Gerry Almond & John Tng

          Actually I am in agreement with all of you & appreciate your excellent posts.               I use to be STRICTLY a PRE TRIB person, but after the rapture
didn't occur in 2008, as I was expecting, I searched things out from
The Lord & He was gracious & extremely encouraging in directing
me, THROUGH His Word, to become STILL PRE-TRIB, BUT NOT PRE-
7 YEARS!  This happened just prior to Ron Reese first coming out
about this in 2008.  I got the SAME info.  I almost fell out of my chair
.....and got very fired up.  I was so encouraged to see that confirm-
ation.  I didn't reply concerning this to 5 Doves, because I felt like some of you
were expressing it so wonderfully well, that I didn't think I could ADD
anything.  I guess one could refer to me as a ANY DAY NOW PRE-
     So, I Agree with you.  Boy, do I ever!  God bless you for getting the
word out & for your dedication.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.  It's
ALMOST time to be "GOING UP"!
     I am a reTIRED Baptist pastor of about 35 years, excited about our
soon meeting in the air.  VICTORY IS JUST ABOUT UPON US!

Sincerely in Christ,

Dr. Richard L. Wills