Robin B (6 June 2011)
"Janet Pfiefer: Catching Aways (Rapture) Rosh Hoshanah 2011/Crop Circles"

Janet - God has given me the same things he is giving you, scripturally, but you added something that had only pricked my mind this morning, and got confirmation on from you. That is Elenin causing the 3 days of darkness.
Heres a free download go GET THIS! Why? You can set the date to Rosh Hoshanah 2011, 9-29-2011 and see the signs in the east. Virgo (the virgin) rises and in her womb is Venus (Bright Morning Star) with the moon at her feet and sun shining upon her. Sound familiar??? Rev 12:1-2. Oh and if you advance the time forward through the next week you come to Oct 8 2011, Day of Atonement, and low and behold she has "give birth" to Venus as he has passed out of her womb going towards her feet.
Then as Rev 12:3-4 states another wonder in the heavens, the dragon, Draco, is about to swipe 1/3 of the stars from the sky and ready himself to devour the child, "Venus".
And for the crop circle people out there...check out the eclipse of Venus...perhaps its not the moon that is eclipsed but rather Venus the Bright Morning Star. Possibly symbolic of the fact the Holy Spirit is about to be removed from the earth ie: all christians in the rapture. Not denying the significance of the moon eclipses...just adding an additional planetary eclipse.
I don't want to say that I know that I know the timing of the rapture but I am definately looking up, and if LORD wills it before or after that time so be it!
In His Service,
Robin Bales