Robert Belanger (9 June 2011)
"The UFO Agenda - Photographic Evidence"

My previous link did not contain a working link to the mutilation photos. The above link is active and will clearly display the incredible mutilations that are best explained by the demonic agenda of the UFO occupants, who appear interested in gathering specimens of human body parts for possible reproduction and use for reproduction of a genetically alter human hybrid creature, similar to the Nephilim in Genesis 6.

The photos indicate the hybridization agenda of the Nephilim is moving forward. Be warned the photos are graphic and may be disturbing to anyone who is squeamish or oversensitive. The pathologists say that the evidence of dark hematoma at the surgical openings indicates the operations were performed on living people, without anesthetic.

These photos are very gruesome evidence to support the demonic alien hypothesis concerning UFO, crop circles, and other supernatural events. They appear to be real and make one wonder why they did not show up in the general media.