Robert Belanger (30 June 2011)
"Recommended Reading on Rapture"

Dear Doves,

This message is about the author David Lowe and his books, especially Earthquake Resurrection which I think every serious reader of this site should be familiar with. Lowe has written a well-researched, annotated and original book of end-time theology. It is well-written, comprehensive and full of detail. I recommend this book to all interested in end times theology.

Where Can You Get More Information?

The website provides many free features that can answer questions you may have about the author, the book and it's premise. The book itself can be purchased online in .pdf-format for $6.55, or in print form as a paperback for $17.95 or hardcover for $29.61 from most booksellers, including Amazon, Christianbook, Allbooks,,, abebooks, etc.

What Information Is Available?

The home page contains a menu that includes a Welcome Package, Excerpts and an Interactive Blog. The Welcome Package includes
a) 6 free chapters from the books by  Lowe,
b) interview videos and
c) radio interviews.

The books by Lowe are:
a) Earthquake Resurrection
b) Then His Voice Shook the Earth,
c) Sudden Destruction of the Sixth Seal & The Aftermath: Global Disappearance,
d) The Setting of the Hereafter & Ascent To The Right Hand of God.

What Excerpts Are Available?

The free excerpts are lengthy and very informative. They are taken from chapters of the book Earthquake Resurrection:

1) The Importance of the Study of Bible Prophecy
2) Resurrection of the Dead
3) How Can God Resurrect a Decomposed Body?
4) Rapiemur and Harpazo
5) Forcible Catching Up In the Bible: OT
6) Forcible Catching Up In the Bible: NT
7) Forcible Catching Up In the Bible: Model of Exodus 19
8) The Trumpet of God and His Voice
9) Convergence of the Natural With the Supernatural World
10) Sudden Destruction: The Days of Noah and Lot.
11) The Ascension of Jesus Christ in Revelation Chapter 5
12) The Startling Possible Identity of the 144,000
13)  Where is God When Natural Disasters Strike?

I have recently been re-reading this book and have to admit it is both educational, based on Scripture throughout, and absorbing to read.  We are now at the very threshold to everything that is described occurring in the end times. Our understanding of the rapture including what will happen, when it will occur and how the resurrection of the dead my quake place are important reasons for anyone interested in the events of the end times becoming knowledgeable of the Scriptures that are brought together in this book in an original thesis.

Next Action Steps

I hope this review and recommendation will enlighten many who are not familiar with this end times book, which is especially relevant for those waiting and watching for the return of Jesus for His Bride. Please take a few minutes to read the free material at the website. Then, if you are intrigued and interested in knowing more, buy a copy of this valuable book before the events it describes start taking place around us.