Richard L. Wills (18 June 2011)
"Update from Dr. Richard Wills"

ATTN: Bill Griese, Ron Reese, Kevin Heckle, Gerry Almond & John Tng

          Actually I am in agreement with all of you & appreciate your excellent posts.
          In answer to Bill Griese's post yesterday:  I ran into considerable controversy
among some genealogy buffs about the Tea Tephi connection.  Therefore I kept a
search going & found even if BO does not connect with K David through the daughter
(Tea Tephi) of King Zedekiah, he definitely hooks up in Judean Princess
Tamar......DAUGHTER of King David & one of his wives, Maachah
(who was also the mother of Absalom).  Tamar is the one who was
raped by her half brother. This, of course, still qualifies him!
You begin the trace from Stanley Ann Dunham (mother of BHO).
That trace goes back to Tamar.  Of course it is ONE of her roots.
--------But BHO can be traced to K David & Maachah.
--------As far as Antiochus Epiphanes IV.....I did not say BHO was
descended from Antiochus Epiphanes IV, but that he was about
a FIRST COUSIN about 69 x removed by the generations gone by.
BOTH BHO & Antiochus Epiphanes IV share a same grandfather
on their Syrian roots: King of SYRIA Seleucus Callinicus, the grand
son of Antiochus Soter I (Soter=means Savior).
So BHO is of descent from the Seleucid Empire of Syrian royalty.
He is also traceable to, also from his mother, the ancient roman
empire of the Caesar' fact, traceable to the Caesar that
married the mother of  NERO.....
------In addition some family trees trace BHO  in descent from the
"prophet" Muhammad...thru his daughter Fatimah.  I found most of
this particular information on the Muhammad connection on several
Family TREE web pages.....I cannot direct you to them, but they're
---finally, he can also be traced to the Egyptian Pharaoh, Nectonibus.
    I use to be STRICTLY a PRE TRIB person, but after the rapture
didn't occur in 2008 as I was expecting, I searched things out from
The Lord & He was gracious & extremely encouraging in directing
7 YEARS!  This happened just prior to Ron Reese first coming out
about this in 2008.  I got the SAME info.  I almost fell out of my chair
.....and got very fired up.  I was so encouraged to see that confirm-
ation.  I didn't reply to this to 5 doves, because I felt like some of you
were expressing it so wonderfully well, that I didn't think I could ADD
anything.  I guess one could refer to me as a ANY DAY NOW PRE-
TRIB, NOT A NECESSARY PRE-7 YEARS!  Yep....Any day now!
     So I Agree with you.  Boy, do I ever!  God bless you for getting the
word out & for your dedication.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.  It's
ALMOST time to "GOING UP"!
     I am a reTIRED Baptist pastor of abt 35 years, excited about our
soon meeting in the air.  VICTORY is JUST ABOUT UPON US!

Sincerely in Christ,

Dr. Richard L. Wills