Randy (26 June 2011)
"Lady Gaga (gag-gag) new video hit NEW LOW....I didn't think it was possible...."

I almost never watch any music videos...(thank God!).
But, if you thought Modonna pushed the limits of decency 10-15-20 years ago, Lady Gag-gag's video just makes you want to GAG!
Called "Born this Way" .....   it could be a New World Order Video for the way things "should be" after the Rapture......
It was disgusting, indecent and outrageous.  That she has ANY fans at all, let alone millions is truly scary.  the video had been watched some 63 MILLION times as of today.  And THIS is what is on MTV these days?????
TICK TOCK.... I just want to go home Lord......
PS......Look at what the TV world/entertainment world has on the tube:
1) Lady Gag Gag videos like this.....and yet
2) NBC will EDIT OUT the words "One Nation UNDER GOD" from a TV show about golf, of all things....
And somehow......these people think BOTH are OK??  !!  
The world CANNOT WAIT FOR all the Christians to be GONE at the Rapture....!!  Any time they bring up the topic of the Rapture on The Daily show with John Stewart....they all just laugh.  One day, they won't be laughing so much!