Randy (10 June 2011)
"Obama tosses aside the War Powers Act."

Didn't our president address the nation about 2 months ago about this "attack on Lybia?"   
I believe under the War Powers Act, once a US president takes military action against a foreign country, he has 60 days to get the approval of Congress.
Saw an articla yesterday saying time was up.....and other Presidents wanted to "set aside" the War Powers Act in the past.....but reluctently held to it.
And now??
And now we are involved militarily in Yemen?
And soon??
Maybe in Syria?  (By the way, we supposedly went into Lybia because of the threat of great bodily harm to Lybians from their leader......  and why haven't we said as much about the military harm to residents in Syria???  so much for holding the same standard from one fight to another.....)
I can envision Obama getting involved militarily in a number of countries in the Middle East in the months ahead......and the War Powers act just gets trampled more with each new fight.  Hey, so much for the Nobel Peace Prize award, before he had even done anything yet....let alone, to start NEW "undefined" fights around the world.  
What a world.........   tick tock!!