Paul Wilson (16 June 2011)
"Re: Article Europe is warning us or....... how Obama is leading us down a failed path."

Because the O and his ilk believe the Europeans just didn't do socialism right and that THEY will do it correctly (arrogant SOG's). To them that is the reason all socialist and communist regimes have failed because none of them did it correctly. I am sure they can make socialism work on paper but as any non-ideologue of average intelligence knows many things that work on paper don't work in the real world. I believe there is a comment, maybe by the O, saying we are the ones we have been waiting for. The baby boomers the greatest generation's biggest failure. (not a total failure there are some good people in that generation but I think if you look at it that generation has done the most damage to society. The decline started in the 60's, 1963 to be very precise, and kept going. Even the moral majority of the 80's couldn't undo the damage though God knows they tried. I don't say we tried' only because I was in preschool and elementary school at the time and society's problems didn't weigh on my mind at the time.)
Randy (15 June 2011)
"Article:  "Europe is warning us" or....... how Obama is leading us down a failed path."

Good article......

At the end, it says:
All this European turmoil raises a paradox. If dispirited Europeans are conceding that something is terribly wrong with their half-century-long experiment with socialism, unassimilated immigrants, cultural apologies, defense cuts and post-nationalism, why in the world is the Obama administration intent on adopting what Europeans are rejecting? 
Makes you wonder.....