Ola Ilori (9 June 2011)
"Dr Owuor's vision within a vision"

Hi Doves,
It's possible that part of Dr. Owuor vision was fulfilled in the Kericho meeting last weeked.
I believe the vision he had on the 27th of April 2011, wasn't about the rapture occurring during a revival meeting!
It was about the LAST meeting he would host before the Rapture.
I believe he was shown that the 3rd - 5th June 2011 Kericho meeting would be the last one!
He was shown that many saints, even at that last meeting, were not ready for the rapture.
This is why he laid great emphasis on preaching on holiness and righteousness!
This is also the reason why he wanted the meeting streamed live over the Internet!
He wanted to reach as many people as possible.
I believe today, the 9th of June 2011, is the 6th Day in a 7 Day countdown to the Rapture!!!