Ola Ilori (18 June 2011)

Hi Doves,
July is looking more and more as  the Month we'll be going Home!
This young girl's vision lines up perfectly with the correct Jewish Calendar, many find hard accepting.
Coupled with the fact that the wrong way of calculating Sabbath Days and Pentecost, leaves no more room for a July Rapture, using the erroneous Jewish Calendars.
It's not surprising that many are already looking to the Fall for the Rapture to take place.
It's most likely we'll be Home before then!
Today, the 18th of June 2011, completes the 4th Week in the count down to the correct Day of the Lord's Ascension.
Lord Jesus Come!
And let the Bride say Come!


June 17, 2011
by Stewart Best
Normally I would not post this, but there are little things in here that tend to confirm this vision could be true. So I ask for discernment, but also do not throw out the baby with the bath water because it does not agree with your prophetic interpretations.
We all have a lot to learn. BEWARE, out of the MOUTH OF BABES COMES MUCH TRUTH. Frankly, if you are not IN CHRIST, or on the WAY OF BEING IN CHRIST, you are in a heap of trouble, even if these visions are not valid. FOOD FOR THOUGHT.
We got this as an e-mail, and felt it to important to not post it for consideration
re, 174 and 173 update
my daughter has had many prophetic dreams with the Lord and it confirms what you are talking about, in one dream she said she was in space above earth with Jesus and she saw an astronaut out in space floating outside of the shuttle and seen the inside also after she seen a big object coming near earth she was told by the Lord its the Black Sun ( could it be Nibiru and its moons ) and a planet hit our moon she did not say black sun hit the moon but a planet it could be one of nibirus moons and it cracked our moon and the impact brought our moon closer to earth and thousands or millions? of pieces of the moon went headed to earth, a rock hit the back part of the shuttle and of the shuttle went to earth. Before the meteors hit earth she seen the earth dance imagine a sea saw and two kids are going up and down and the earth is in the center that’s what the earth was doing. my daughter told me before the rocks fall on earth she seen the Lord in the middle of two angels in the clouds and thousands of angels next to the Lord and then there was a great noise from a shofar and God woke up people and they came out of the ground,and she was told this would happen in July. i never taught my daughter about the rapture, nor does she see movies of this nature her favourite show is sponge bob. after this i decided to show my daughter nasas web site and she recognized one of the 4 astronauts Sandra H. Magnus from her dreams and she confirmed that shuttle Atlantis was also seen in her dream. she told me that she was told many times this would happen in July and she also seen a scroll written in it July. could nasa be lying about time of arrival of Elenin/ Nibiru or will it speed up and come earlier and catch everyone off guard, i read somewhere that this Nibiru is gaining speed as it comes closer to our Sun and could it be closer to earth in july instead of sept or could it be that one of the moons of Nibiru could be in front of it and it reaches our moon in july and Nibiru does really come in sept?
she seen a city in the moon and seen the inside of this city it had buildings and green houses to grow food, and that humans and grey aliens are living there.
these rocks that fall to earth will make a great noise like a grumbling sound from a airplane very scary, i asked where did these rocks fall was it in a city she told me all the cities of earth, everywhere, and many children and mommies and daddies died, she even seen the CN Tower in Toronto fall to the ground and even our home was hit by a meteor, but before this the dead will resurrect and then the living will go next, this will happen in july she was told.


Remember Ed Dames and his “remote viewing” of a shuttle being forced back to Earth because of a meteor storm. As ATLANTIS is the LAST SHUTTLE to ever fly, it makes one wonder if this little girl’s vision is more accurate than we might like. In any event, I will say this: All of our so-called “prophetic” interpretations are going to be set on their ears as we go through all of this. Ed Dames also said he saw a large object pass between the Earth and the Moon, just as Red Elk did. So we wait, we watch, and we pray always that we be WORTHY to stand before the Son of Man and escape these things that are to come upon the Earth. I any event, true or not, this is an interesting vision of SEVERE TROUBLE COMING UPON THE EARTH.
Also please remember that Jesus said HIS RETURN FOR HIS OWN would come as a SNARE upon the whole planet. A snare, when it snaps, is INSTANTLY SPRUNG, USUALLY invisible, AND IS A TOTAL SURPRISE. And also remember He told HIS OWN PEOPLE that He will come at “A TIME YOU THINK NOT”, THAT IS, His arrival for His Bride will be at a time NO ONE would have guessed could be possible.
By the way, the reference to the BLACK SUN is THE DESTROYER, and it is what the NAZI’s worshipped in their BLACK SUN RITUALS. How would a little girl know anything about the BLACK SUN? By the way, we cover the BLACK SUN in our FUTURESCAPE-COSMIC CRISIS, because it is a very important item to the New World Order.

Ola Ilori (14 June 2011)

Hi Doves,
To locate the correct Day of Pentecost for 2011, we must first count off 7 Sabbath Days, and then number 50 Days, from the 10th of Sivan.
My 481 Year old Tyndale's first ever translation of Hebrew into English Bible [even before KJV], reads as follows:
"And ye shall count from the morrow [16th of Nisan/20th of May] after the sabbath [15th of Nisan/19th May]:
even from the day [16th of Nisan/20th of May] that ye brought the sheaf of the wave offering, seven weeks complete:
even unto the morrow [9th of Sivan/11th of July] after the seventh week [8th of Sivan/10th of July] ye shall number fifty days." [Lev.23:15,16]
Notice, in the above verse, the verb "count" is used for the sabbath days, and the verb "number" is used for fifty days.
The Lord wants the reader to understand that the counting of 7 Sabbaths is then followed by the numbering of 50 Days, after the 9th of Sivan!
9th of Sivan + 50 Days = 29th of Tammuz [Pentecost]
1st Day of Jewish New Year: 5th May 2011 [1st of Nisan]
63rd Year of Israel's Independence: 14th May 2011 [10th of Nisan]

Passover: 18th May 2011 [14th of Nisan]

1st Day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread : 19th of May 2011 [15th of Nisan]

Day of First-fruits: 20th of May 2011 [16th of Nisan]
1st Sabbath: 26th of May 2011 [22nd of Nisan]
2nd Sabbath: 2nd of June 2011 [29th of Nisan]
3rd Sabbath: 11th of June 2011 [8th of Iyyar]
4th Sabbath: 18th of June 2011 [15th of Iyyar]
5th Sabbath: 25th of June 2011 [22nd of Iyyar]
6th Sabbath: 2nd of July 2011 [29th of Iyyar]
7th Sabbath/Day of Ascension/Resurrection/Translation: 10th of July 2011 [8th of Sivan]
11th of July 2011 [9th of Sivan]
1st Day of the 50 Day numbering: 12th of July 2011 [10th of Sivan]: The Lord will send the Holy Spirit to empower the Tribulation saints on this Day!
Day of Pentecost: 30th of August 2011 [29th of Tammuz]: The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Tribulation saints on earth.
What many have failed to understand is that the Lord did not send the Holy Spirit until the 10th of Sivan!
This was 3 Days after His Ascension, on the 8th of Sivan!
The Lord sent the Holy Spirit on the 10th of Sivan, He then arrived on earth, 50 Days later, on the 29th of Tammuz!
The Lord could not send the Holy Spirit from heaven, while He remained on earth, for seven complete weeks, in His Glorified Body!
The Lord also needed more than 10 Days [as is commonly believed] in heaven, in order for the Holy Spirit to arrive on earth on the correct Day of Pentecost!
He needed to be in heaven for at least 50 Days, for the Holy Spirit to arrive on earth on the 29th of Tammuz.
The Lord was in heaven for 52 Days by the time the Holy Spirit was poured out, on the Day of Pentecost [29th of Tammuz 33 AD]!
"But when the Helper [Holy Spirit] comes [on the 29th of Tammuz], whom I shall send [on the 10th of Sivan] to you from the Father..." (John 15:26)
"...It is to your advantage that I go away [on the 8th of Sivan]; for if I do not go away [on the 8th of Sivan], the Helper will not come to you [on the 29th of Tammuz];
but if I depart [on the 8th of Sivan], I will send Him to you [on the 10th of Sivan]." (John 16:7)
Could it be that the Day of our translation has been hidden in plain sight all these Years!
"Where I am going [on the 8th of Sivan], you cannot come..."
"Simon Peter said to Him, "Lord, where are You going?"
Jesus answered him,
"Where I am going you cannot follow Me now [on the 8th of Sivan in 33 AD], but you shall follow me afterward [on the 8th of Sivan/10th of July 2011?]." (John 13:36)
The Lord new that the Apostles wouldn't be physically alive when He returned!
The Lord was speaking about them following Him up into Heaven at the Resurrection.
"But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me...Now when He had spoken these things, while they watched [on the 8th of Sivan 33 AD], He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight."
"And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as He went up, behold two men stood by them in white apparel, who also said,
"Men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up into heaven?"
"This same Jesus, Who was taken up from you into heaven [on the 8th of Sivan 33 AD], will so come [on the 8th of Sivan/10th of July 2011?] in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven." (Acts 1:8 - 11)
Just as the disciples watched the Lord ascend up into the cloud on the 8th of Sivan 33 AD,
I believe, we are meant to watch the Lord descend from the cloud on the 8th of Sivan/10th of July 2011 AD!!!
Pentecost is a witness-empowering Feast.
It is for all those Christians who will not be ready for the Rapture!
May the Lord find us all watching and ready!