Neil Lipken (20 June 2011)
"The Deception Continues---------"Falling Skies" Premier Tonight"

Tonight on TNT (cable, satellite) at 9:00 PM Eastern will be the 2 hour premier of "Falling Skies" (Steven Spielberg).  Aliens attacking earth and the poor earthlings barely hanging on!  Recent shows like this have been the TV series "V", and the movies "Skyline" and "Battle Los Angeles".  The "god of this world" (satan) has a very vested interest in all of these shows (which actually have been going on for decades), as he (satan) will be needing a false explanation for the now very soon Rapture of the true Christians off the earth.  After the Rapture the true explanation in the Bible will be shunned, and the Rapture will be explained away as aliens having finally arrived at earth, and some of its inhabitants have been taken by the aliens.


P.S.  Get some popcorn and if you like science fiction, enjoy the show!  With Steven Spielberg involved with it, it might be interesting.

P.P.S.  With Israel now 63 years old, the Rapture is closer than you think!