Nando (20 June 2011)
"Tribulation in July, Rapture before"


June 9, 2011 Tribulation in July, Rapture before

In the past days I have written several articles relating a timeline for the beginning of the Tribulations based on the founding of the State of Israel  in May 14, 1948.

This morning I left the building department of the city of Coral Gables about 12 noon. As I pulled out from the street parking into a major street I noticed that the license plate of the car parked beside mine started with 766 ___ and I thought that it meat the Tribulations on July. As I pulled further into the street I saw that the car next to that one started with 888 ___ which is the Greek gematria of Jesus.
This was to confirm the previous plate. As I drove towards my office, four miles away I saw another car with the license plate 766 ___ and beside it there was a car with 077 ___ which is the number I use to communicate with Jesus though license plates. The last stretch of my trip is through a small length of highway that today was free of cars till one sped by me having the plate 766 IIR and it was beside me till I left the highway one block away from my office.
The number 66 has always brought to my mind the Tribulations as this number is the last book of the Bible, the book of Revelations.
That I saw three plates with the same beginning in such a short trip with the 888 beside the first one is to me a very strong message that I believe came from Jesus pointing to the month of July as he start of the Tribulations. The Rapture should come before. See my article about Pentecost.