Myra (4 June 2011)
"Nicole re: Dr. Owour"

Hi Nicole,
Sometimes I know I don't convey my thoughts as clearly as I should.  Hard to imagine I made it through school and on top of that, married an English and Speech major ...... God does have a sense of humor!!!  We are though, on the same page regarding Dr. Owour.  I in no way think he has shared any information  God has revealed to him, as to where he'll be on those days of a possible rapture, with anyone.  I hope upon hope the rapture happens on this first weekend in June, but if not, it's a comfort to know it will probably be this year because, I like you, can't imagine entering into the year 2012.
I believe Dr. Owour holds the key to all of us that are faithful watchers.  He's been sent for times such as these.
Thanks for the link, haven't watched it yet but will tonight.