Myra (26 June 2011)
"For Fay, John and Doves"

Hi Fay,
Last week we had a pine tree taken out of our back yard.  It stood in front of our sunroom windows and was  getting to large for the space.  After it was out, we had some cedars planted across the back and then I planted some black eyed susans.  We then found a couple large bird houses and my husband mounted them on posts.  I added two little porcelain rabbits yet still it needed one more thing.  Today, my husband and I went from store to store, not knowing what exactly it was I was looking for.  I told him that I'd had enough shopping and just to head for home.  He suggested one more place and off we went.  We walked around a few minutes and I said, well that does it for this place.  Jerry wandered outside where some small trees and bushes were, I followed and there, nestled in those bushes, was a Heron.  It's full size, made out of bronze, we think, very, very heavy.  I can't tell you how thrilled I was and what mixed emotions it brought.  He's standing amongst my flowers looking towards the east ........ I just had to share.