Mission1 (25 June 2011)

I have been reading Five Doves off and on for over a year.
I have always been fascinated with end times and looking forward to seeing Jesus.
Even at as a child I remember reading Revelations over and over.

Yesterday when I read the letter of the young girls dream I was reminded of a dream I had back in the fall of 1998.
It was VERY vivid and I remember it clearly even now 13 years later.

It was night time and there was destruction everywhere, houses crumbled, ruins on fire, screams for help. I climbed through the remains the house I was
in to be able to look out and there were trails of fire through the sky, filling the sky, as objects were falling to the ground. It was so real it felt like a deja vu moment.
When I woke up I knew it meant something and have trusted God would reveal in time. Then I thought they were missiles. Now I am wondering if they are from space, related to Elinen or Nibiru.
God has kept this dream close to my heart. Thought I would share.