Mike Curtiss (18 June 2011)
"The French worry end is approaching"

Dear Doves,
        Maybe in the strongest sign that Jesus' coming is indeed very near, the ultimate secular humanist nation on Earth, the founding nation of Liberal Revolution has apparently lost it's collective mind. After reading this recent article about the End Times and the French people, I never would have taken the French as serious students of Bible Prophecy, or people that cared much about Bible prophecy either way. I'll wagered that once again, the international media has slandered normal church going French just as they have here at home. Hollywood and Madison Ave has tarred and feathered France for generations as a sexuality liberated cultural battle ground. Perhaps, the truth is somewhere in between?
       Oooh, la, la Monsuer has much to regret and repent. Superstition seems to hold sway where sound doctrine has not been taught. Apparently, the French have armies of wacko camp followers and mystics preying upon their worst fears. Suicides not gonna help things.
       Make no mistake the currency of the NWO, Antichrist and Hussein is fear and doubt. When have you heard the President say anything good, or exceptional about The United States? Examples of American goodness abound. The first candidate that starts pointing out our simple goodness, proud history and common sense will win the election in a walk. People are tired of the Geo Bush, Race and Fear cards being played day after day by the Hussein Regime's puppit news media.
        We should be lifting France and all of Europe up in prayer. What a strange article. It might have had a better title however; 'The French People Return to Jesus' has a nice ring to it! Praise the Lord! The news that French Suicides Surge really breaks my heart, because there's no sin Jesus won't forgive!
                                                  Agape Love,
                                                              Mike Curtiss
Mass suicide fears as French worry end of world is approaching
Herald Sun ^ | June 16, 2011 | From correspondents in Paris
SO many people in France believe that the world is about to end that a government agency today alerted the country to the risk of mass suicides by converts to prophesies of imminent Armageddon.
Natural disasters, the internet and French fears of economic doom are lending credence to predictions that the planet will self-destruct on December 21, 2012, said Miviludes, the government body that monitors cults and suspicious spiritual activities.
There have been 183 false predictions of the end of the world since the Roman Empire collapsed and these are multiplying with new technology and a global climate of fear, it added.
In the US, doomsday radio preacher Harold Camping received global publicity by predicting that the Rapture would occur May 21. When the day passed uneventfully, Camping offered a new date, October 21, for the end of the world.
The 2012 prediction, based on the end of the 5000-year Mayan calendar, has taken root around the world but nowhere does it seem to have been as widely embraced as France, The (London) Times reported.
The government is worried about a rush of converts to Bugarach, a hilltop village in the southwest that is destined to survive judgment day, according to internet rumours.
Miviludes chairman Georges Fenech visited the area between Perpignan and Carcassonne last week to be briefed by the police intelligence service and local officials on the gurus, disciples, magicians, healers and others who have arrived to await next year's expected Apocalypse. The village, which is said to be a haven for UFOs, was besieged by Armageddon tourists on Monday, the Pentecost holiday.
Mr Fenech, a judge and former lawmaker, dismissed the prophesies as a "hodgepodge of bad astrophysics" but added that Apocalypse fever is no laughing matter.
He recalled "the horror of the dramas which cults have caused in recent years with their doctrines that provoke extreme anxiety."
The most recent involving France was a series of 74 suicides in the late 1990s in France, Switzerland and Canada by devotees of the Order of the Solar Temple.
The fascination for Apocalypse theories fits with the mood of gloom that has engulfed France over the past decade. Opinion polls regularly highlight the country as one of the most pessimistic in the world.