Mike Curtiss (15 June 2011)
"MSNBC Moslem says Republican vision of Jesus, Tell your Poor to Pound Sand."


Dear Doves,

          It appears obvious that a pact had been struck between our hard Left Media, the Obama Regime and the authors of the phony "Arab Spring Uprisings' The Moslem's Brotherhood and her acolytes are now coming out of the shadows to mount an all out war against Jesus Christ and traditional Christians. 

          This is not a new relationship, but a effort so far along that moslems no longer fear being openly identified with the President's agenda for creation of the Third Caliphate. Radical moslems have recently emerged to openly bash the evangelical Christian Church worldwide in favor of Obama churches that preach a 'different Gospel' filled with social justice and Liberation theology. After quietly and illegally financing the President's unprecidented campaign, the Saudi royals have been outraged by Obama's treachery when he turned upon traditional US allies. Not only has Obama turned upon the despotic Arab ruling families in the Middle East, he played a key role in removing Egypt as a barrier to renewed warfare with Israel. Singlehandedly, Obama has destroyed 30 years of Camp David Peace. Make no mistake, the moslem Brotherhood and their Presidential candidate; Barrack Hussein Obama have became partners in the creation of the Third Caliphate. 

         Earlier, I exposed Obama as the first US Presidential candidate to reject federal election funding since this funding became available in 1976. Now, it's finally clear that Barrack Obama has become the first moslem President of the United States. After snookering John McCain into accepting federal financing of his campaign, Obama abruptly reversed himself and rejected federal campaign funds. 

          Enter the Moslem Brotherhood and islamic friends of Obama who illegally supplied 15 times as much money as McCain had available. Because, it wasn't from federal sources and didn't exceed $200 per donation, Obama didn't have to report the origin of any of his campaign contributions. To date we know that this illegal money allowed Obama to overwhelm McCain's media effort by a 15 to 1 margin. Obama had so much illegal foreign money that he was able to rent out an entire 30 minute time block the night before the election on every national television channel.

          Reading the MSNBC article below shows us the real enemies of the Christian Church. These zealots are newly emboldened by the President's many successes both in the unprecidented accumulation of political power within the Executive Branch and Obama's success in reducing, removing and destroying three former rulers in the Arab World. This sounds exactly like the Bible prophecy of the Little Horn.

Give me your poor and needy, and I'll go tell them to pound sand.

CENK UYGUR: The House began debating a spending bill today that cuts $833 million from the WIC nutrition program, which provides healthy food to low-income women and their children. Appropriations chair Hal Rogers says, quote, "this legislation reflects hard decisions to cut lower priority programs, reduce spending in programs that can be scaled back, and target funds where they are needed most."  So programs for the hungry aren't a high priority. Well at least they're honest about their Republican priorities. Now what was it that Jesus said? Give me your poor and needy, and I'll go tell them to pound sand. That's at least the Republican vision of Jesus.