Michele Kennedy (25 June 2011)

Fellow Watchers,


I was listening to Dr. David Jeremiah  on the radio yesterday (Tuesday, the 21st) and he had an Very Encouraging way to contrast the difference between “Watching” and “Waiting”.


He told a story:  There was a captain of a great ship  who was on His way home from a very long trip at sea.  He was approaching the shore,  and  noticed many of the wives of the other ship seamen on board at the shore line for their husbands.

The man came home, and entered in the door. His wife said to him, “I have been Waiting for you!”  With disdain, the man said to her, “The wives of the other men were at the shoreline, Watching.”


I thought it was worth sharing for all of you who are Fellow Watchers for our Lord’s SOON Return.