Mary Anna (7 June 2011)
"Keith T   Re: Thomas Merton"

  Your post about T. Merton is quite true!  I wasn't, however, advocating him as a source to go to, to be saved, although that's how I was saved, through the writings in"Thoughts in Solitude".  My minister father refused to believe I was saved that way and ordered the book out of the house.  However, God had the last word!   A few weeks later, a footnote appeared in Dad's Sunday School lesson booklet, from Thomas Merton's "Thoughts in Solitude".   All I'm saying is, God knows exactly where and how to reach us and I know for absolute sure Thomas Merton was a Born Again Christian!   He's in heaven and maybe still writing.
   This certainly goes for me as well:"He who is without sin, cast the 1st stone."  John 8:7

Mary Anna