Mary Anna (3 June 2011)
"Jim Bramlett (2 June 2011) "Is a son of Esau in the White House?""

  Hi Jim,
   Certainly I am no Bible scholar but did go to Sunday School and after that Bible Study at church, as probably did most of the Doves.  My point is that you really have a point that most likely the son of Esau (aka) Barack Hussein Obama does indeed fit the bill rather well as being a direct descendent of Esau.  Your calculations are phenomenal!  This is going to be good to share with my sister who still teaches Bible Study.  If my Dad were alive he'd love it since he was always studying. (Meth.pastor). He'd gone on to heaven before BHO had become known.  I have a son that will pick up on this as it is doubtless true.  We'll soon know, won't we?  What a day that will be!!   Hope tomorrow!!

  I'm sure you're right!
  Thanks, Mary Anna