Lynn (3 June 2011)
"A Vision of Alien/Demonic Attack - Rapture"

I have been reading FiveDoves for a few years, and this is my first email or contribution.
I rarely have dreams that I know to be "visions"; I've only had a few in my life.  The latest one happened about two weeks ago.  My dreams are usually in bits and pieces and I forget them right away, but I KNEW this was from the Lord.
I dreamed that I was in my apartment in Kansas City.  It was morning, and the sun failed to rise.  There was darkness all over and it was around mid or late morning.  It was not an eclipse.  The sun simply was not there.  I cannot say whether it literally did not rise, or if it was darkened or blackened out.  There was widespread panic EVERYWHERE, in fact pandemonium.  People were outside, running around, screaming, panicking.  News crews were set up outside.  I understood instinctively also that this was happened around the world, not just here in KC.   I stepped out of my apartment and asked someone what was going on and there was no answer.  Then I looked up and I saw hundreds upon hundreds of orange lights in the sky.  There were so many of them that they looked like stars, but they were closer than stars.  They did not move, but were just stationary.  I knew instinctively that they were alien ships.  It was an "alien" invasion, which I knew also instinctively in my spirit to be demonic.
Then I felt my body start to tingle and transform and be lifted up.  [I had felt this feeling may times over the past several years, especially during very light phases of sleep, and each time I actually thought I was being raptured and I would joyously cry out, "is this it Lord? - Hallelujah!" only to realize it was a dream]  I was not transported upward but in this vision I was transported into a closet, an inner closet in my apartment.  I live here in Kansas, and in tornado season, an inner closet is where you crouch and hide if you do not have a storm shelter or basement.  In this vision, I again instinctively understood that I was being taken by the Lord into a protective place, or hidden away, if you will...i.e. a hiding place.  I knew this being put in the closet was not literal but figurative.  I also knew that I was completely protected to the pandemonium going on in the World.
Then the vision switched to these alien/demon ships coming down towards earth and hovering over my apartment and there were blue lights, like highbeam spotlights that were being used to look in the windows and to look for people.  I never did see the actual ships or crafts, just the blue search lights.  The actions being done by these crafts and aliens/demons was aggressive and predatorial.  I did not completely understand if I was "present" during this invasion or if I had departed and was therefore "hidden" from the danger.  My heart was pounding and racing and then I woke up.  This vision was as clear as day and I remembered it very well afterwards.
Thanks for all the great work doves,
Yours in Christ,
Welcome to the Doves, Lynn!