Luis Vega (30 June 2011)
"RE: John RP (28 June 2011) 188 Day Chart"


RE: John RP (28 June 2011) 188 Day Chart
Hi there John,
Thanks for your questions and interest in the 188 Day diagram/chart and video referral.

·   Yes, the Sept 15, 2011 does not line up per se with the Alignment of ELENIN-SUN-EARTH, but due to the acceleration of this questionable object, JPL has had to recalibrate their projections already and could still do more in the near future as the object picks up speed and interacts with other objects’ gravities/pull etc.

·   Cool that you found this correlation between 7-11 being the 188th day! There is something up with this 188 number for sure. I have been aware and have seen some of Terrel03’s videos…wow, he is serious and moved to action. Something is coming no doubt; just too many oddities and signs lately in the world and one has that ‘gut’ feeling something is’ wrong’ and is about to be unleashed, no? As Believers we can only lean on the LORD’s provision, guidance and protection and ultimate will if bad is to be had before the Rapture. As in Sodom & Gamorah, God did wait and did take out His elect/people before God nuked it!!! I pray it will be the same, didn’t He promise that to us? Yet many Christians are suffering persecution now so it’s a question of Wrath vs. persecution; this is for another post. J

·   As far as the Earth being out of alignment…yes, if current computer models are correct but as I mentioned already, they have had to reconfigure them! So who is to say that by the Sept 15, 2011 possible earthquake -could not correspond to a sped-up acceleration; maybe. And we are not saying that an earthquake will happen on Sept 15, 2011; it is pure speculation and conjecture as Chuck Missler would say :) It might be the case that it will make no difference a that point because the Pole Shift or gravitational pull will be so effective, it will not need an alignment to trigger it. Mind you, there are 100s of earthquakes daily, the purpose of the 188 Day chart was to bring you attention to a possible 188 Day interval that just happened to coincide with the recent Mega-earthquakes.

·   The jury is still out it appears if this ELE-nin thing is a Comet or a Darf Star in my opinion. Maybe it’s both as it could be one of the dwarf star’s moons or satellites. Some say that it cannot possibly be a comet because we would and could not be that big! By now as it’s coming up fast into our inner solar system; many are declaring that it’s small while other say it’s a Jupiter size dense red star with its own solar system! It is interesting that the initial images of ELEnin were/are infrared and the US government has shut them down recently and Google Sky and other block out the areas where it should be?! If it is just a comet, what’s the big deal?

To your questions:
1) Do we know for sure Elenin is close enough to the sun that we should be seeing a tail?
I for sure do not know nor could confirm where ELEnin is at or how close to the sun it is currently or if the coordinates published are accurate. I wish. We can only work with what the Govs allow public and other independent sources discover. Here is a very well written and thought out research links on ELEnin:


2) Do we know for certain there is no tail seen?
IF it is a comet-like structure and does have a tail, the fact will be that as any other comet, the closer it will get to the sun, the hotter it will become, with color and veil; this is not the case!

3) How exactly do we know this "coming star" has 7 satellites-moons or planets, since no one seems to know much about it?
There are some amateur astronomers that say that they have tracked it and taken some pics… doesn’t look like a comet to me. Check out also this link on the images of the object:


4) On July 7th, Elenin is about 1.74 AU from earth.  Our sun has an asteroid belt and planets (some with moons) farther away than that.  We've seen several near misses recently, including a tour bus size asteroid today (June 27). Is it possibly this "Brown Dwarf" COULD have asteroids or planets orbiting at a great distance from it and perhaps EARTH'S moon is directly in the path of one of them sometime in July?  That could account for the Little Girl's dream of the moon being destroyed and the space shuttle being in jeopardy.
You can see from alleged photographs of ELEnin that the center main object is red and has prominent satellites or moons around it; at least 4 visible ones and a total of 7 with infrared detection. From ancient sources such as the Hopi, Samaritans; they all similarly attribute 7 entities to it as they call it the Red Dragon with ‘7 heads’, the Destroyer, the Death Star etc. Yes, one of these could potentially be on course to either hit our Moon or propel asteroids that are locking into it at earth and/or moon while the main body of the system is a ways away.

It is very interesting that many people around the world are having these ‘dreams’ about the same event. Dreams are dreams and nothing but, but they can also disclose a coming premonition like a deja vu. Some are speculating that the possible coming encounters will be that of the Revelation events….maybe; stars falling, moon 1/3 light diminished, mountain of fire crashing on earth, solar flares scorching grass/tress, intense heat etc.…It would appear to be so but it could just be a dry run or a precursor…scary stuff! We shall soon find out!