Luis Vega (2 June 2011)

The symmetry among the Eclipses, Planetary Alignment & the Constellations
QUESTION: (see graph below)
Does anyone know the significance of

1. The partial Solar Eclipse happening in the Head of Taurus this June 1st? And...

2. The sun smack in the middle between the 2 Horns of Taurus during the Blood Bull’s Eye ( No pun intended) of the 15th of June? And...

3. The significance of having the Sun and Moon in each of the Twins in Gemini for the last partial Solar Eclipse of July 1st?

The symmetry is remarkable: 2 of the eclipses occur in the Constelation Taurus & 1 in Gemini

-(1st) Eclipse is in the North Pole,
-(2nd) in the Middle East,
-(3rd) the South Pole. 
A while back I plotted the coming Eclipses on a June 2011 timeline in relation to the Jewish observance of Pentecost and the Summer Solstice. I wanted to see what the sky/stars would look like and the eclipse's paths on the Earth -for that matter in terms of possible patterns and prophetic meanings. This is how the Solar Eclipses will look like this month of June in the backdrop of the unique:

-Planetary Alignment with the 4 prominent Planets, in relation to the
-Constellation position against the stars and
-Earth's latitude for the eclipses
Looking up!