Lou Ann (28 June 2011)
"Re: Very Important Dream"

 I am writing regarding Candice's post today and of the dream that  
the little girl had posted by Jim Bramblett.

I too have had dreams like this.  I had them about a couple of years  
ago.  The first dream I was looking up into the
sky and told a person I was standing with look at the moon.  Then I  
looked around and I saw another moon.  I pointed
that out.  The next time I dreamt about it I saw more moons.  Many  
moons.  I was always pointing out the many moons
in my dreams.  Then the last dream I had the Lord told me that this  
would happy right before the rapture.  I am amazed
to read of these dreams now!!  How exciting.

I think I posted about the many moons here but it may have been  
somewhere else.  I wish I would have kept a record
of the dates I had the dreams and the year.


Lou Ann