Little Servant (16 June 2011)
"Obama is the Antichrist ( a confirmation to Ron and others)"

Dear Ron, and Lovers of Christ,

I write this letter to confirm what you already know. For some time I have watched and read the Five Doves letters from the sideline but I feel that I must share what God has shown to me.

Let me tell you of a dream I had, but first I must mention the following first. I can not vote, I am a resident not a citizen. I also did not follow the presidential election. But on the day of president Obama Jan 20 inag. In prayed according to the scripture for the leader of this country, which I've never done before. Also I like to mention that while I am of Egyptian descent, my wife is of African American descent. Our children are mixed race (and extremely beautiful I must say, much better lookin than me). I mention this to show you that I am not racially bias.

Now to the dream: that same I prayed for Obama, it was early in the morning, I fell into a deep sleep. It was as if the hand of God moved over my eyes. In the dream me and my wife are in line to meet Obama and his wife. There were several other people surrounding him, it seemed like festive event in honor of him and their guest. I walk up to him as if I was 'Moses' to Pharoh of Egypt. Obama gives his signal smile. I begin to tell him about Jesus, his soon Return and what he will do when he comes. Obama is very eager to hear, facinated and soaks up everything I have to say. I think to myself, this man really likes to hear about the Lord. But as I take a look at him I see Obama cover his mouth and turn his head to speak to DARK SHADDOW to conspire against Christ with the shaddow. It made me very sad. I woke up.

I knew this dream was clear warning from God not to pray for this man. I kept this dream a secret even from wife, because I thought how can this be, here is man that knows what it's like to be in a racial minority group proclaiming change and peace, and he acts like the Antichrist.

After a few months I decide to tell my wife the dream. She immediately says I had the same dream before I could finish telling her what I saw. Now what are the chances for two people to have the same dream?

I was still in doubt and decided to pray to our Father for confirmation. I said Father there are many Antichrists in this world just G.W Bush, how do I know that he is THE Antichrist. I need to be absoultely sure, because Father I don't want to cause any man of such terrible thing.

That same night God answers. In this dream I follow Obama as he walks from dark cave into modern Hotel. Next to his bed is a briefcase. Obama starts to speak to me. He says give me what is in the briefcase. I open it up and hand him a Red Robe. He asks me to give him the other thing. I stick my hand in and give it to him. 'It' is a CROWN of THORNS. As I look to him I see that he dressed himself like Jesus but robe and crown turned BLACK.

I have had several other visions of Obama since then and they all confirm that is the Antichrist and people like Pelosi, Oprah, Bono, the Queen of England, and many many other people know that he is THEIR KING and they follow him. In the dreams I tried warn then but they just wouln't listen.

I asked God to show me other future events and he showed that their will be  attempt to kill the president, and he will fake a resurrection just so to complete his false imitation of our Christ, The Lord.

Please feel free to check this link below, of how all these visions started, incl. are very vivid rapture dream I shared today for the first time online. I do this because many of are longing for our King to return and because God want us to share our gifts among us.

May the Lord bless each of you who love him and yearn to be with him!

Love and Peace to you,

Little Servant