Kevin Heckle (7 June 2011)
"Torstein: GW Bush cannot resume power as the President or AC"

As per your theory that GW Bush will return to the presidency after Barack is removed from the office, there is one large flaw:
Assuming BHO was found to be an illegitimate President and was removed from power based on our Constitutional law, why would we violate the same Constitution and reinstate GWB as President?  To begin with, a person can only hold the office of the Presidency for 8 years, which GWB has fulfilled.  In the event that BHO's presidency, vice president and appointments were proven illegitimate, the succession of power would fall to the Speaker of the House, then the President pro Tempore of the Senate.  After that, there are at least three executive appointments from the previous administration that could hold the office until a new President could be elected.  The bottom line is, GWB can never be an American President under our Constitution again.  He is not the antichrist.
However, GWB's presidency was destroyed within a few days of his first election in 2000, as the reproach caused by Mr. Gore's recount in the Floridian coasts undermined it.  GWB was the 'raiser' or the one who passed over (abar) taxes, deferring them to a later generation by borrowing and spending.  On the other hand, BHO's fundamental socialist belief in 'spreading the wealth around' has been the hallmark of his presidency, spreading it in the fattest places of our land (that is Wall St. bailouts).  As commander-in-chief of the occupying army of Babylon (Iraq) Mr. B. Hussein Obama is the defacto King of Babylon.  Saddam Hussein was and is not anymore.  B. Hussein Obama is.   The Greek gematria of Hussein is 666.
In Christ,
Kevin H.