Kevin Heckle (2 June 2011)
"Lon - September 28"

On September 28, 2011 in the constellation Virgo will be the moon at Spica near her hip, a near conjunction of Venus and Saturn at 13 hours right ascension at her back and with Mercury about the Sun between the autumnal equinox and her armpit.  I’m not sure as to assign any particular meaning to it other than saying something tongue and cheek with the new moon being near Virgo's derriere.   
I’m not at all into astrological meaning.  You might take a look at the 'The Witness in the Stars' by Bullinger to find some insight on any Biblical meaning that there may be based on that configuration of planets in Virgo.
The Biblical time reference in Revelation to the virgin (Virgo) with the ‘sun and moon beneath her feet’ would only occur sometime later in October as then the sun would have progressed past her ‘feet’ along the ecliptic.  The Biblical description in Revelation 12, at least my take on it, occurred in late October of 2008 with no such recurrence for multiple decades.  The old article is found here:
Thanks for your interest in the subject.
In Christ,
Kevin Heckle