Kevin Heckle (2 June 2011)
"Fay - Crop Circles or Crop Ellipses?"

As per your request found here:
Indulging your curiosity, I looked at the at the crop circle in question.  It is difficult to get accurate information from a photo as it may be skewed or resized.  However, I input the photo into an autocad program that can match the shapes and analyze the dimensions and geometry.  The eight circles are actualy ellipses of various sizes.  Outright, the image cannot represent any particular alignment as the various ellipses around the perimeter are shown all on the same orbital path about a central sun, if indeed a conjunction or alignment was what was intended by its designer.  A planet cannot align with itself.  If the six progressively larger sized ellipses represent the six orbital paths of the first six planets about the sun (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn), then the position of each progressively larger ellipse about the perimeter would represent the angular position of that planet about it's path.   Based on my analysis, Mercury would be at 150 degrees, Venus at 330, Earth at 30, Mars at 270, Jupiter at 210 and Saturn at 90.  Interestingly, the third and fifth object (Earth and Jupiter) would be 180 degrees apart, aligned as it were through the sun.  Mars would be 180 degrees from Saturn and Venus would be 180 degrees from Mercury if this crop 'circle' were a representation of a particular configuration of the planets. 
None of the ellipse ratios of long axis to short axis matched any of the six ellipse eccentricity ratios of the actual planet pathways, nor did the ratios match from one to the other.  Accounting for this, I adjusted and overlayed each progressively larger crop circle ellipse in the photo to approximately match the actual orbital path of those six planets and placed them at the same angular position.  There is almost a straight alignment of Earth, Venus and Mars, but not quite.  The triangle in the photo connects the largest ellipse, the second largest ellipse and the second smallest ellipse, which would be Saturn, Jupiter and Venus.  There position of course forms a triangle, but it would be impossible for the actual planets to form an equilateral triangle like the photo, due to the distances. 
All that having been said, I subjected the particular alignments that the crop circle would represent to an astronomy program to see if it matched any actual dates.  The regularity of the real Earth-Jupiter alignment occurs on average every 398.88 days, so consequently there are many possible dates to see if the other alignments of Saturn-Mars, Mercury-Venus and near Earth-Venus-Mars occur simultaneously.  While that particular configuration is possible in an infinite set of dates, NONE were found within the past 50 or future 50 years.  I also looked around the time of Christ on earth and around the time of Daniel's vision (536 BC).  NONE matched my assertions about the photo. 
The one telling thing about the dimensions of the six perimeter ellipses was that their long axis averaged was very nearly exactly the same dimension as the long axis of the ellipse at the center (within .002 units).  I suppose the measuring rope they repeatedly used was anchored to a rectangular device held in the center of each ellipse which would shorten or lengthen as it wound up around the board, causing the crop circles to be crop ellipses instead.  Either that or the lackadaisical alien (aka prankster) holding the anchor line would lean as the other one smashed down the poor farmer's crops!  ;-)
It was a fun excercise in logic for me though.
In Christ,
Kevin Heckle