Keith T (8 June 2011)
"Mary Anna re Thomas Merton"

Mary Anna
I am glad you are born again and looking forward to the Lord's return! I know that God can use anything or anyone to save us. Thomas Merton was a Catholic Monk.. the Lord used a Catholic charismatic meeting that my mother went to to reveal Himself to me.. I am no longer Catholic because I don't agree with the doctrinal system which can blur lines between true new testament faith and state/government religiousness and pagan influences.  
I can't go into detail too much but Merton was more of an modern interfaith
pioneer .. the only danger in quoting him would be that people might be drawn to read his books and possibly to be influenced by them.  He explored other faiths particularly Buddhism and its meditative ways looking for a common "christ" in them and him. The Bible says there is one way to the Father and that is by Yeshua , Jesus of Nazareth the one who died 2000 yrs ago and is raised from the dead and is at the Father's right hand making intercession for us. His love  has given us grace and mercy to believe in Him.. the point of me saying something about Thomas Merton is to warn. The scripture states that there will be false teachers in the last day deceived themselves ..and leading others in a direction other then the way , the truth , and the life. There are not many roads to heaven, only one and that is the way of the cross and total trust in the blood of the Lamb. .
I am glad you were helped by Thomas Merton but that would not be the norm in every case concerning him . I'm in no way judging ..  Just a heads up for you... Blessings and peace