Kathy S (20 June 2011)
"Harvey Troyer"


WOW!!! WOW!!!
That was an amazing sermon by Dr Owour!  I soooo THANK YOU for putting it in writing.  I enjoyed it sooo much...I am going to go back & read it again - with my Bible to take notes.  I am hoping that after the rapture, a Christain seeking material to lead a congregation will come to my home and get all my Bibles with notes and books, Christain dvds and materials.  I really hope my study and collection of God's word and material will benefit others after we all are called to our Heavenly Home.  I'm sooo excited and want it to come NOW!!!  I am way behind on the days here.  Has Bro. Augusto's message from Jesus been posted in the last few days?  It is amazing to read what the Holy Spirit revealed to him.  Let me know & I will post if Sabrina or someone hasn't yet.
I have tried to listen to Dr Owour's sermons before.  But, with my medication I take... it is soo hard to stay focused when his words are being translated.  I will try to listen to the one you suggested sometime next week.  After, I have gone over this one again taking notes.
Just wanted to tell you Harvey, how much I was sooo blest by reading this sermon.  I thank YOU sooo much for taking the time to write it out.  You WILL be blest for your time!
P.S. Thank YOU John for posting it for us to read! 


"Do you KNOW...."IF" you will go to HEAVEN?" 


"Jesus died on the cross, for the sin of the world.  Everyone can get a FREE ticket to Heaven.  But you MUST ask Jesus to come into your life as your Lord & Saviour.  And, believe He died on the cross for YOUR sin; He rose again, and IS alive today.  And, He WILL be coming back very soon to call Home all those who has asked Him into their life.  Please don't be LEFT BEHIND!  Call on the name of Jesus today!

   May GOD bless YOU!  kathy senterfitt