Julie (20 June 2011)
"To Jim Goodrick, Nicole, Bill B, and Shirley"

Thank you all for your prayers and advice.  I am deeply grateful to report that prayers have been answered and we have been provided a place to move to and the means to move there.  My mother-in-law has reserved us an extended stay hotel room with a kitchenette beginning June 29th and I was able to confirm that there have been no pets in the room previously, a friend has offered to lend us the money necessary to cover moving expenses and pay a few bills, and I found a storage unit facility that offers the first month free where we can keep all our things until hopefully we can move to someplace more permanent than a hotel.  So it looks like we will get by until my husbands first paycheck in July :)

The court date will be the same day this letter is posted.  I am thankful that my husband will be able to inform the judge that we already have our preparations made to move out and praying that the lies in the claim that was filed us against us will not be allowed to stand in a permanent legal record.

Thank you also for prayers against the stronghold oppressing my husband's family.  My father-in-law is a conman who many years ago defrauded and bankrupted us, and he has harmed other family members as well.  There is a lot of healing and restoration that needs done in the family.

Shirley, I hope you will also have some good news to report.  We will keep praying for you each evening,